Automating Windows Server Updates

If you manage a network and you’re responsible for updating the servers, client computers, tablets, etc. then you are very familiar with how annoying the “You have updates pending” message can be.

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Home Automation – Overview

Over the last couple of months home automation has begun to get a lot of publicity with the launch of the Google Home. However, Amazon has been doing it for two years. We’re going to help you figure out if

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Note 7 – Avoid The End

The Samsung Note 7 was easily the best phone that has come out. From it’s beautiful screen, amazing camera, and always useful SPen, there’s really no other phone like it. Well, with the reported “issues” with their batteries Samsung was

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Windows 10 – Domain Management

How to successfully manage Windows 10 machines on your domain without Server 10 (2016).

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Microsoft Support Calls Your House

So recently more and more people have asked me about a call they received from “Microsoft Support” claiming they are getting errors sent to them from the customer’s computer. The person on the phones claims that they just need to

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All About “The Cloud”

When people ask me about the cloud, I always imagine the little aliens in Toy Story when they point to “the claw”. I digress. Anyways, the cloud isn’t as scary or confusing as it may seem. So where did the

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Windows 10 Update [Tablet Mode]

So apparently Microsoft released an update and I got it today which left me totally annoyed. I thought I would throw a post together real quick in case someone else gets that and can’t figure out what caused everything to

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I Have A Virus, Now What?

So you manage to get a virus on your computer and you don’t know what to do. The tough part about a virus is that none of them are the same and some can be much harder to get rid

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Purchasing A New Computer This Holiday Season?

As I went through Black Friday deal over the last 48 hours I noticed a lot of computers on sale. However, they all come with Windows 8 which seems to scare a lot of people. I have to admit that

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No File Is EVER Lost (Well, Sort Of)

As I have been working in the IT field and read forums, the common question is, can I recover lost data. The answer is maybe. Let me explain… When you decide to delete a file and you empty that ‘Recycling

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