Microsoft Support Calls Your House

So recently more and more people have asked me about a call they received from “Microsoft Support” claiming they are getting errors sent to them from the customer’s computer. The person on the phones claims that they just need to get access to their computer to fix the problem. First, this is a fake call and I promise you they are not from Microsoft. While Microsoft does offer you to submit errors for them to offer support on, they are not going to call you to fix them. It will however alert you in Windows 7 or higher to fix any pervious issues you may have had. Again, they don’t have people going through those errors and calling each person to resolve them.

The point of these people is to get into your computer. Once you give them access they have the ability to load all sorts of software on your computer and do what they want. Then, they will try to bill you for something or offer you continued support for a price.

I received one of their calls a few weeks ago and while part of me wanted to play it out so I could understand exactly what they were going to do, I couldn’t resist toying with the guy on the other end. I played stupid, then challenged him and his knowledge of computers, and finally told him I didn’t own a Windows computer.

So what do you do if you get one of those calls? You can toy with them if you want (just don’t give them access to anything) or tell them to go pound sand.

What if I already gave them access? You can check out my blog on how to clean your computer (See “I Got A Virus. Now What?“) and make sure you have cleaned out anything they may have added. Also, if you gave them any credit card info, cancel that card.

Have you got one of these calls or got tricked by them? Have other companies called you with the same story? Let us know what happened in the comments.


System Analyst with a background in networking, several coding languages, and basic desktop support. I'm hoping to help people become more comfortable with technology and shed light on things that there may not be a lot of information on out there.

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